Does walton mean anything anymore

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Postby ProMXMechanic » Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:29 am


Come on you people.

Have you people lost sight of what the sport of Motocross really is in Canada?

It is about money. What is wrong with that?

Its a business boys and girls, wake up. I don't work for free, do any of you?

The good thing is we get hang around the people we have met to share a barley or two with.

Walton is the best event we have in Canada right now. It is a great natural track with great racing. It is not perfect, but where in this country is?

I have raced south of the border and been disrespected far worse than I ever have in Canada. It is certainly not any cheaper or better bang for the buck.

As far as costs go, anyone have kids in rep hockey right now. Talk about getting it without being kissed.
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Postby tooliemxer » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:19 am

I know one thing-they have alot more races there this year-CMRC has a few,SCR has one and I hear TVR has one at least also. I'd rather be able to go a couple of weekends than have to use up my Vac time for one week and blow a ton of cash. I do really like the track and its good we have another one added to the schedule for any club. I would have been to the Vet Nat last year but I had it in my head it was at Auburn,not Walton #-o
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Postby davis849 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:31 pm

ProMXMechanic wrote:Have you people lost sight of what the sport of Motocross really is in Canada?

It is about money. What is wrong with that?

Its a business boys and girls, wake up. I don't work for free, do any of you?

no shit man...nobody works for free, its just good to know when your getting hosed..recognizing the difference between a business and a money-grab and not submissing to it because "its all we have".

i can have a beer with friends anywhere, we're discussing the reasons why people should pay a premium to do it around a watered out fire, while they send there kids out on mediocre condtions (that have the potential to be amazing!) just because everyone's there doesn't mean its any good.

take the Jr hierarchy for example. and A,B, and C class for whats supposed to be a battle of the best? "oh my little johnny gets a chance to experience walton cuz of C class", well shit he'd do that at a provincial if the race actually meant squat. take as many entries as possible, its just more money!, the racing takes a back seat.

i honestly wouldnt give a shit if I saw the facilities or the event offering any kind of improvement.

-hire who you need to get the track ready in july!
-bring back live music during the day, at least for the national. this I guess should be more geared towards Stally and the national series but there's plenty of local stuff that would play each evening. fuck you could hold a bbq beside it and make cash off it, now will you do it?
-wakestock is a wakeboarding comp, but it still features bands, bmx shows, fmx, bikini contests, i dont know the options are endless..have an effect on people and entertain, you've got thousands of people spending a week on your property, cater to them.

bingo just doesnt cut it anymore.

what we're left with is a giant empty stage blocking the sun,
"hey guys when I say hole, you say...shot? no, "in our pockets!"

all that said, i know I'm beating a dead horse.
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Postby McIntyre78 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:48 pm

i dont know how walton used to be back in the day but it seems that every year there is more partying and less quality racing going on. there are random ass people who dont even know how to ride a dirtbike showing up planning to get baked/drunk, go cause shit and steal the stuff. everynight before you go to bed you just hope that you can get some solid sleep to be in top form to race and that you bikes there in the morning. Its all about respect and its amazing how many fuckup kids dont have it just cause there fuck up dads didnt know how to put a domer on. The Lee family needs to figure out a way to keep these people undercontrol like have a designated area for noncompeters in the back and in the racing section the have lights out at 11.
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Postby pillow » Tue Mar 04, 2008 6:30 pm

Just limit the amount of motorhomes...

You got a motorhome you pay $750 to bring it in...

It's the minidads causing the shit with the entourage, trophy wives and the lifted golf carts...
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Postby McIntyre78 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 6:47 pm

$750? how much is it now
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Postby BRaAp295 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:39 pm

its like closer to $100 right now for the week I think?

and if you charge $750/rv...well assuming 80% of the racing community owns them...WEW, money money money money......monay!

if that it is a major prob they just need an area with a curfew...all fires out by 10, no loud noises etc.
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Postby marksman » Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:51 am

overbudgetracing wrote:name one race that means anything in North America except for the top 3 kids on the continent. Nothing is perfect but they should take some tips from the big tracks south of the border about venue and track design.

I started racing in Canada in the 60's when SPECTATORS paid for race days , so many turned up to watch there was separate parking for motor-cycles and cars . I recall paying the CMA $2.00 to pre enter Copetown , on arrival i checked in , recieved a programme , my entry fee was returned as 'Travelling expenses' with a pit pass for me AND my mechanic . Racing was always fun on a fantastic natural track , the crowd was usually 2 or 3 deep at the exciting parts of the track cheering even the last guys on , anouncing was excellent and sometimes funny , you could hear what was being said anywhere in the pits . Mind you , the prizes were not that plentifull , in the 250 international support race in '67 , i recieved a chequered flag with the Copetown logo for achieving first place in the 45 minute race , a prize envied by many
Let it get back to those days when riders were the spectical , not being made a spectical of , there are few 'Promoters' today who could raise a good crowd if they gave the tickets away .
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Postby cdnrednk » Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:22 am

It seems to me the only people that go watch the races are people that know somebody that is racing that day, there are few people there just to watch the racing.
Part of this is the fact that nobody knows there is a race day being held untill they are driving down the highway, see the cloud of dust from the track and see a sign that says "racing today". If I wasn't involved in racing, I wouldn't know where to look to find out where there is racing. It's not that expensive for a track to run an ad in the local paper or the Lake shore shopper (southern ontario, alot of people read it) that they will be having races the coming weekend. Alot more people would attend.
I've never been to walton, but I would have assumed with all the hype every year that there would be extra things going on. I'm not interested in partying it up all night with the boys if I am racing the next day.

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