PR: Renegade Fuels 2012 Walton TransCan Report!

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PR: Renegade Fuels 2012 Walton TransCan Report!

Postby MXForumPR » Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:20 pm

Renegade Fuels 2012 Walton TransCan Report!

As the Official fuel for the 2012 Walton TransCan, Renegade Fuels is very pleased with the response and feedback we received throughout the week of racing. Mark Ticen, Powersports Director for Renegade Fuels, made the trip up to Canada to watch the event unfold. Mark stated “ Renegade Fuels has been steadily pushing its way to the top as the premier fuel for motocross racing in Canada. Renegade produces high performance fuels for every level of racing. We have a product that would benefit everyone from the local racer all the way to the top Pro racers, we have it all! I had a great time while at the Walton TransCan. I was able to watch a great group of talented riders that will be the next generation of pro riders in Canada and/or back in the States. Our Canadian Distributor was on hand to service the needs of all the racers and I really appreciate all the hard work from Sean and Jamey.”

Sean Porter, Canadian Sales Rep for Podium Hog Motorsports/Canadian Dist. for Renegade Fuels, is very excited about the growth of the Renegade products in the Canadian market. Sean stated “We have seen a steady growth and demand here in our market and we are looking forward to a very strong season in 2013. Renegade just doesn’t manufacture products for motocross and supercross, they also produce some very outstanding products for the snowmobile market as well as the automotive market. Podium Hog Motorsports has some pretty big things in the works and is looking forward to the future growth of the Renegade products”

Renegade Fuels would like to congratulate each and every rider that qualified and attend Walton this year and relied on the proven performance of Renegade Fuels.

The following riders would use Renegade Fuel to win championships, sweep podiums and have excellent all around rides throughout Walton!

MX1 Int.- Overall Finish

1st- #215 Zack Deiana
2nd- #26 Cole Varty
3rd- #117 Michael Da Silva
5th- #202 Matthew Davenport
10th- #259 Taylor Ciampichini
12th- #180 Ben Toye
16th- #512 Chad Dawson
27th- #168 James Whelan

MX2 Int.- Overall Finish

1st- #26 Cole Varty
2nd- #117 Michael Da Silva
3rd- #202 Matthew Davenport
7th- #180 Ben Toye
14th- #259 Taylor Ciampichini
17th- #615 Jamie Hajgato
27th- #317 Cooper Larche
30th- #512 Chad Dawson
38th- #168 James Whelan
41st- #591 Myles Bartholomew

MX3 Int.- Overall Finish

1st- #117 Michael Da Silva
4th- #202 Matthew Davenport
7th- #259 Taylor Ciampichini
8th- #180 Ben Toye
13th- #615 Jamie Hajgato
20th- #591 Myles Bartholomew
21st- #317 Cooper Larche
23rd- #26 Cole Varty
24th- #512 Chad Dawson
36th- #168 James Whelan

Schoolboy- Overall Finish

3rd-#35 Joey Crown
6th- #39 Jess Pettis
7th- #317 Cooper Larche
9th- #31 Alex Jeffery
13th- #747 Nathan Hussin
18th- #184 Tanner Ward

Supermini- Overall Finish

2nd- #38 Jess Pettis
4th- #184 Tanner Ward
8th- #747 Nathan Hussin
12th- #46 Marco Cannella
22nd- #159 Justin Neiser

85cc 12-16- Overall Finish

1st- #35 Joey Crown
3rd- #184 Tanner Ward
4th- #411 Duncan Macleod
11th- #16 Brad Williams

85cc 7-11- Overall Finish

1st- #46 Marco Cannella
3rd- #159 Justin Neiser
7th- #28 Sam Gaynor
34th- #846 Seth Hughes

65cc 10-11- Overall Finish

3rd- #28 Sam Gaynor
16th- #846 Seth Hughes

Youth (14-24)-Overall Finish

7th- #518 Derek Ouimet
17th- #267 Travis Ouimet

Vet Junior- Overall Finish

5th- #669 Duane Kocher

Vet Master- Overall Finish

7th- #99 Brett Cormier

Junior A MX3- Overall Finish

8th- #31 Alex Jeffery

Junior B MX3/MX2- Overall Finish

28th- #229 Dave Docherty

50cc 7-8- Overall Finish

4th- #70 Jullien Benek

For more info on Renegade Fuels contact Sean Porter at 587 777 2622.

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