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Postby wallyguy » Thu Dec 19, 2013 5:34 pm

Lets get a new discussion on the 2014 Canadian MX scene.
Colton Faciotti has signed with GDR Honda.
The New 10 race season has been announced by the CMRC.
Are the manufacture teams committed?
Are the tracks all committed?
What about the rumours of a new series coming down the pipeline.
What's going on for next season.
How's Cole doing in arenacross and has he actually signed with KTM for 2014 and will he be lining up
on the East Coast SX on a KTM?
Let her rip boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome new format! Good job Brent and Hammer and all who have made the Pink Palace awesome.
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Postby sybro » Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:19 am

Hell yeah

these are my answers to your questions...... but in random order.... you try and figure out where they belong .... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Postby dals3 » Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:53 am

Hahaha. Well played, sybro. :!

Good questions, Wally.

The thing is, and you know as well as I do (better actually, 'cause you're an old master with this stuff) that it's called the "silly season" because it's just that...silly. Even the greatest moto pundits look silly after analyzing a pre-season, because who knows what the hell will happen in the next six months.
That said, here's a couple of my thoughts:

• Pumped for Colt45 and his new Red ride.
• Pumped for our boy Donk and his new gig for the winter.
• Worried (and bummed if things go how I think they will...) about the manufacturers and the keel of commitment they're going to give.
• No idea about Cole's situation, but there are enough dudes on here that should be able to "just call him up" and ask him.... I hope he gets something good; the kid is BADASS!
• New series rumours...dunno. I've been "head down and throttle pinned" at school for the last while, so I have no idea what's up there.
• Hopeful that the Women's series keeps growing.
• Pumped for Kawasaki (and all sponsors!) stepping up for AX in BC.
• Pumped for our main man Brent "Airmail" Worrall and his kick-ass, weekly radio show!
• Pumped on Gauldy's Guaranteed MX site and all his tweets and FB posts.
• Pumped on The Newf's crazy, old man DASH FOR CA$H skills!...and Beats helping him out with fitness. I love those two guys - they're a show on their own! Lol
• Pumped on the first few rounds of AX in C-Wack and all the dudes (and dude-ettes) that showed and ripped.
• Pumped to hear about Braydon Stuart's constant improvement after his horrible injury.
• Pumped that Hammertime is going to A1...I'd better be wearing a cool new moto shirt for my A2 sleepover at his place! Hahaha J/K, buddy.

I'm sure there's a lot more, but there's my couch potato opinion on things.
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Postby Jarid332 » Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:23 am

2014 is looking good for Canadian MX. Hopefully the CMRC and the APG can come to some sort of agreement. Colt signing with the GDR team really sparked interest into next season, and I hope good things happen for Colt and the whole GDR team. (Please go back to the 2012 look?) It's great to see Honda back in the sport again. Hopefully one day Suzuki will come back. I think both Gauldy and Brent are doing awesome with their new sites. It's always good to see different opinions and views on our sport. As usual Bigwave and the whole DMX crew are killing it with coverage on the Future West series. Palms is doing a decent job taking over for Gualdy over at MXP. I think the Future West series is awesome and I can see it only getting bigger and better. Kudos to everyone involved. 2014 is going to be a great year for Canadian MX. Hopefully the bright future continues. Thanks to Hammer, Pillow, Billy and Brent for keeping the Pink Palace alive and well!
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Postby AirMail » Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:20 pm

I am trying to get away from Long Winded Posts but this one warrants it……..Lot's going on here and down there so as Silly Season turns into Busy Season here goes…….!

First off Wallguy gotta tell ya' brother seeing you this summer and at the AX put a smile on my face as it looks like some of the struggles that took there toll are behind you…As I told you when I was a kid you were the Big Bro I didn't have am very grateful for the efforts by yourself and your whole family for that matter for building up the MX race scene here in the West…!

My thoughts on the past year and what we have to look forward to in 2014 both North & South!

***Look to some more Head Turning from Future West as we get ready to kick off with the 2014 portion of the Arenacross Series…Also look for some cool developments moving outdoors into the Spring…! Also look to see a Supercross Style Series return to the Stetson Bowl late June…..Probably something like Thursday evenings for a couple of months anyway :!

***As far as the talks between APG and SPI look for a deal to be done sooner rather than later…I do know they had hoped to have something done here in form of a release before the Holiday Break but nothing concrete yet…I am pretty sure we will not see any type of new series at least for the this year anyway! Looks like both sides want to make it work... :!

***Yes Cole is signed and looks like KTM is banking on Cole as the Future of there title hopes in this Country…His deal was tailored to accommodate his quest for AMA Supercross Glory as he gets set to line up on the 15th of Feb to kick of the East of the Lites class…The Racer X article with Cole pretty much summed it up All the best Cole! http://www.racerxonline.com/2013/12/12/ ... e-thompson

***Aslo looking forward to seeing Derek at Gopher and his buddy 'Red Ryder' Saddle up their Philosophers Stone & perform their own Alchemy in their quest to turn that Colt45 Steed into a Number One Plate….Good luck to the GDR Crew this season :!

****MX 101 & Dylan Wright can't wait tip' round one looking forward to seeing what Dylan can do this year…Hell I know what he can do I just can't wait to see him do it..!

***Donk' SWO Prodigal Wrench Spinning Son' Nice to see you in 'The Big League' Beats the Hell out of working on Rigs in the middle of the Night eh Donk...I don't doubt for a second Scott that you will 'Have Your Stick On The Ice' and Bury every opportunity that comes your way…Good Luck my friend and thanks for supporting The B.C. Moto Show always good to have you on and tuned in…! P.S. I hope you found a spot on your ToolBox for at least one of those Decal's I sent you? :!

****Hammer you are Officially off the 'Check Twice List' for rescuing one YOUR MOTO MOJO' that was obviously on Life Support & The PINK ELEPHANT that was going the way of 'The Birds Nest Stadium' in Bejing'….Looks like we are back in business and like everything in life timing is everything……As he said in 5th gear when his bike hit neutral' :eek: On a positive note Nice Work My friend and can't wait for the next race at Grand Master P's Shack…! Next time you & Sano get a room right Kyle Beaton…!

****Racing South…I'm saying Villy kills it again and yes no marks for originality there…given what he has publicly said about not gonna do it much longer might as well enjoy it while it lasts…would like to see JS-7 show us a little of what we saw at MEC but don't think James has the type of fitness required…can't wait to find out..! K-roc..hope the Hell he's ok as per reports after his digger…man he was my breakout dude for this year with the exp. & Aldon in his corner!

Lites guys…season starts A-1 but personally I am looking to the 15th of Feb when Cole will line up for SX - East… I've got Cole on the podium more than once this year..Stamp It... :! Deano is Fit Ready & little pissed at some of you on here who smack talked him but that is ok he's a Big Boy now and just wants to win and will…..! A/C breakout year and I believe will live up to the hype…Gonna be a better year for P.C. :!

****The Moto Show has been a lot of fun to do and I can't wait for the New Year as I have a lot up my sleeve to unleash very soon…Parabolically speaking been Privateering this endeavour Chuck Sun Husky style but am pretty stoked about the upcoming year and some of the support I will have…..thanks to all of you who have tuned in and participated...Talked to Matthes yesterday and look forward to chatting with him on Sunday as he makes his way home for the Holidays from a Racer X Shoot in Carolina…Nice to see another Canadian boy follow his dreams not knowing where he was going to end up…! But Killing what he's doing Thanks Bro!

Also as my friend Braydon Stuart begins his long road to a full recovery lets do what we can to help him out…the auction on my website closes Dec. 31st at Midnight check it out PLEASE! http://www.bcmotoshow.com I can tell you from experience even with the best coverage things are not all covered and anything medically or in the name of rehabilitation is expensive…

****Want to end this by thanking all of you my Moto Brothers and Sisters for your ongoing kinship and support with every obstacle I have had to overcome before and after my injury… If it were not for Motocross and what it gave me in the way of Fortitude, Dedication & Commitment I would not be here today PERIOD! Not all Motocrossers Biggest Victories come off the Track but I am Proud to say that I believe mine did…Want to thanks Charles, Mike, & Brett for their work on my story…..I balked at the idea at first but thought if it Spares one person the Grief of what I put myself and my family through it was worth it… http://issuu.com/mxpmagazine/docs/12.06 ... =0/5957944

Look forward to seeing you all in Cloverdale Jan 17th or at the races soon…

Airmail' out..
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Postby UP-SHIFT » Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:16 pm

dmx frideh update says there is a 2014 cdn nat schedule somewhere but I can't find it on any site. anyone?
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Postby HAMMERTIME » Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:32 pm

boys...solid efforts there. you guys and diahna put me in the christmas spirit!!
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Postby Jarid332 » Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:32 pm

UP-SHIFT wrote:dmx frideh update says there is a 2014 cdn nat schedule somewhere but I can't find it on any site. anyone?

http://motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News ... 10788.aspx

It's towards the end of the article. They also did a little write up on Colton signing with GDR Honda.

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