Where do your cmrc licence dollars go ?

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Where do your cmrc licence dollars go ?

Postby CUZN IT » Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:06 pm


Right off the cmrc web page folks. flame away

What is the cost of a CMRC license?
The cost of a CMRC license is $123.89 + applicable HST or GST depending on where you live in Canada.

Does any amount of my annual license fee go towards my region?
Yes, $40 of every CMRC annual license is directed towards the regional organization in which you reside. Those monies are used by the region for administration costs, prizing, banquets, staff, etc.

What is the breakdown of the CMRC license fee?
$40 is directed to the region, $30 is to pay for a $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy for each and every CMRC license holder, $10 goes to MXP Magazine (every license receives an annual subscription), the remaining $43.89 is used by CMRC to support their infrastructure and administration cost to run Canada’s national sanctioning organization for off-road racing.

Is CMRC recognized by the motorcycle industry in Canada?
CMRC is the only motocross racing organization to sit on the Board of Directors of the Motorcycle Confederation of Canada, a group that is supported through the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council and the motorcycle manufacturers.

Are there national benefits of being a CMRC license holder in a region?
CMRC is the exclusive nationally recognized sanctioning organization that governs racing from coast to coast. Any CMRC license holder can participate in all CMRC sanctioned events across the country. CMRC has a national infrastructure for Amateur and Pros at the regional, provincial and national championship levels. CMRC sets the standards for safety and rules for racing.
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Re: Where do your cmrc licence dollars go ?

Postby Bosscat » Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:57 pm


What does the CRA charge?

That question comes up quite often. As an organization, we do not tell a track promoter how much to charge for their events. We can tell you it was discussed at a board meeting that the gate fee is normaly $10.00 per person. CRA membership is $25.00 (not negotiable) Motocross and Flat track entry is $25.00 per class. IF a promoter charges $20.00 for a second class, that is up to the track. For Harescranmbles All mini bike classes and Big bike and quad classes are $25.00. Pee Wee Bikes and Mini Quads are $20.00. This is what the CRA promoters have discussed. IF a track charges you less, that is up to the promoter!

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