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Postby BP113 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:11 pm

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DMX Toronto, Ontario Supercross Parties at Houston Avenue Bar & Grill

If you've been before, you'll be there again. If you wanted to go last year, you'd better get there this year. If this is all news to you, you've been told!
It's almost time for some world class bench racing and good times with like-minded people at the Houston in downtown Toronto. We gather both Friday and Saturday nights each year before and after the Toronto Supercross.

With lots and lots of giveaways and a packed house with dancing and rubbing elbows with Pro riders, the DMX Toronto SX Parties at the Houston are at the top of the list for the entire Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. It's a fact, you can look it up!

See you there, but get there quickly!

Friday March 3- Food specials all night-
Saturday March 4- Food and drink special before race and then the epic after race party- always sold out - set drink prices, prizes with pro riders dropping in
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Postby BP113 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:41 pm

It’s hard to believe we only have 3 weeks until we do it all over again at the DMX Toronto Supercross Parties at The Houston! These things have taken on lives of their own and now hold the title as “The Best Supercross Parties of the Year!” It’s true, you can look it up!

These aren’t pretentious club-style parties, either. The Houston walks the perfect line between pub, eatery, and dance bar. David Toye is the guy behind making sure it all runs smoothly and we couldn’t do it without his help. He’s at the helm as ‘Party Planner’ again this year, so you know it’s going to be a blast!

With tons of SWAG to hand out from our great supporters and a solid group of Pro racers on hand to bench race with, you’re going to want to get over to Yonge Street pretty quickly after the 450 checkered flag waves because it usually fills up pretty fast.

Thanks to all the sponsors for giving generously to the success of these things!
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Frid’Eh Update #7 Presented by the Toronto Supercross
113 Views February 17, 2017 Features, Frid'EH Update Bigwave
Frid’Eh Update #7 Presented by the Toronto Supercross

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford
Cade Clason

Week #7 belongs to another American rider we like to call our own, Cade Clason | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #7 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update, this week presented by the Toronto Supercross, March 4, 2017. Now, I know what you’re thinking…it’s week #7 so we’re obviously going to be talking with Bobby Kiniry. Nope, not this year! This year ‘The Kiniry Number‘ goes out to another American rider we’ve welcomed as one of our own north of the border, Cade Clason.

Cade came up to Canada a few years ago as he made his way up through the American amateur ranks and fell in love with the racing, but more importantly, the people and the atmosphere. Like just about anyone you ask who’s headed north to compete in our series, he ‘came to Canada for the racing and stayed for the Canadians.’

Cade admits he will need more of these Royal Distributing Holeshot Awards if he wants to take that next step toward running with the top riders on a consistent basis | Bigwave photo

It seems like no matter where Cade starts, he ends up battling just behind the top group of 5 riders in our MX1 group. Here’s a look at his 2016 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals results:

Cade is currently racing the 450 class in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series and is traveling to Minneapolis for this weekend. He was nice enough to take some time to chat with us about last season, this current SX season, and what the future holds for the Ohio native who now calls Club MX in Chesterfield, SC home.
Cade Clason

We grabbed Cade as he was headed to Minneapolis to talk about his past, present, and future | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: So, Cade, you finished 7th in the MX1 series last summer and will be #7 for 2017. Let’s start by talking about last year. How did your summer go? Were you happy with how it all went?

Cade Clason: My summer went ok. I had fun the whole time. Everyone who isn’t winning always wants better results. The first four races of the season I struggled a lot with bike set up, but once we got that figured out we really started riding a lot better and getting better finishes.

You joked earlier about how you’ve been #6, #7 and now the only number left to make your AMA number is a big #1. Do you think you have a championship in you waiting to come out in the next few years? What’s it going to take to make that next step?

I need better starts. The starts where I started up front I ran with those guy for most of the moto. Honestly, I would fall off their speed towards the end but I was doing everything I could to run with the front guys. I was much closer this year than the previous year, so this coming year I hope to be right there with them. Obviously, I’ve struggled a little so far in SX with starting injured but I plan on turning that around here really soon.

What was you favourite track last year, and why?

I enjoyed racing Deschambault. It was really rough and long and was just a fun track to be able to race on.

Did you have a least favourite? If so, which and why?

I didn’t really care for the new track on the east coast we went to in Nova Scotia, it was really narrow. It was a nice facility but just not as good as some of the other ones we went to, I felt like.
Cade Clason

Will Cade be back in Canada in 2017 to run the big #7? There still seem to be a few things that need to happen before that is settled. Stay tuned… | Bigwave photo

So, I keep talking to Josh Snider about his team for 2017. Do you know what you’re going to be doing this coming June?

Not totally. I want to come back to Canada, but I have to do what’s best for me. I love them and I love the team, but it’s a very privateer team and just don’t have the money. It’s not their fault but we are working out some details so I can hopefully be up there this summer!

You were injured earlier in the fall. What happened and how did it affect your SX prep?

Ya, it kinda screwed me. I got hurt in Germany at the end of November and I didn’t ride until 2 days before A1. So I was super-unprepared. My hand took way longer to heal than expected but I’ve made the best of it and am doing the best I can!

Hey, your girlfriend, Sarah, just joined the Air Force. That’s pretty amazing. What’s the plan there?

Ya, it’s different for sure. After her boot camp she will be stationed in California for the first year so. I spend a lot of time out there anyway but I am going to have to play the long distance thing for a while.

Let’s talk about your Supercross season, so far. How has it been going for you? Are you making the improvements you want?

I’ve been making improvements, for sure. From my first race at San Diego I felt I didn’t even want to be there because I wasn’t ready, but now I’m back at Club (Club MX in Chesterfield, SC) and I feel really good on the bike. I have been practicing really well, just struggling a bit at the races. It’s gotten better each week and I expect a lot of myself so I know I can get great results.

We’re thinking about setting up an autograph night at our Houston Toronto SX Pre-Party. Would you be interested in hanging out and meeting some fansFriday night before Toronto

Man, you’re way behind. MC (Jeff McConkey) already has Alex Ray and me lined to up to practically host the dang thing!

Will Cade be at the Houston Friday night before the Toronto SX to sign autographs? “Man, you’re way behind. MC already has Alex Ray and me lined to up to practically host the dang thing!” | Bigwave photo

Hey, I’m just trying to promote it here! (Laughs) You train with a bunch of fast guys down there at Club MX. How about asking some of them if they’d be into it, too? Who do you have there?

Right now it’s me, Alex Ray, Henry Miller, Cameron Mcadoo, Mike Alessi, and Justin Brayton. We have a solid group of guys so I can see what I can do!

We’re now heading east in the series. Are you looking forward to the stadiums? Do you like the east better than the west?

I like the longer lap time tracks but I also like the rutty east coast tracks, so they all have their pluses and minuses. I have to race them all either way so I have to love them all!

OK, good luck this week in Minneapolis. Who would you like to thank?

Thanks, man! I have to thank my whole K1 Speed / BWR Engines / SSI Decals / FXR / Race Tech / Pro Taper / Rekluse / Arai Team plus my whole family, my trainers at Club, and I always have to thank my mechanic, Nate, who puts in more hours than I do!

Good luck Saturday in Minneapolis, Cade, and we’ll see you down in Georgia!

Click HERE to buy your Toronto Supercross tickets. Use the promo code MXCAN to save $$$
Monster Energy Supercross

Hey, guys. It’s Friday and the warm weather is coming tomorrow here in Southern Ontario. But even better than that… East Coast SX starts tomorrow. As much as I love Supercross in general, I really love the East Coast. I’m a fan of the dirt, the ruts, and how about the stacked 250 East this season!?

Let’s start with the 250 East. Yes, the action in the 250 West has been pretty darn good, but let’s be honest… the West is a little thin compared to usual years. The East, on the other hand, is stacked. Let’s take a look at a few of the contenders.
250 East Contenders

Joey Savatgy: Joey has got to be the hands down favourite on paper. He narrowly missed out on last year’s West title to Cooper Webb by 1 point. He has 3 wins under his belt and will no doubt add to that total this season.

Adam Cianciarulo: AC hasn’t raced SX since his rookie season. He’s finally healthy after sitting out 2 consecutive SX seasons. If he can get decent starts (he is quite a bit larger than most of us remember), he is my pic for the title.

Christian Craig: This guy oozes talent. I love watching him ride, but he has been injury prone in the past. He’s going to be there fighting for wins, I just don’t see a title in him.

R.J. Hampshire: R.J. has been injured leading into SX in the past, and hasn’t been able to show his true potential. I don’t see wins, but he could get a podium or two.

Chase Sexton: After his pair of broken wrists heal, I expect raw speed, and big crashes from the rookie.

Alex Martin: Alex will be very fast and very good. I feel he will be the best orange rider overall, he will win heat races and he will come close to winning a main.

Alex Martin

Jordan Smith: In the past, Jordan has shown us amazing raw speed, unfortunately, he has had some big crashes. If he can stay on two wheels, he has podium speed and maybe even a win.

Benny Bloss: Benny is a big dude. Surprisingly, he has some very good style for being 6’5″. Starts will hurt him.

Zach Osborne: Zach is the newest member to the Baker Factory. It will help, he may win his first main, but I see his “bad” races, being too bad to compete for a title.

Matt Bisceglia: I thought this was going to be the best Matt yet, but he is currently out with an ankle injury.

Matt Bisceglia

Kyle Peters: KP was a last-minute replacement. He should be a top 10 guy every weekend.

Colt Nichols: I was expecting a huge year from Colt, but a recent femur injury will no doubt slow him down. He will still be very good, but the injury will hold him back.

Tyler Spikman photo

Mitchell Harrison: Mitchell has speed, but he also had many scary moments last season. I expect him to be a little smoother this year, and get some top 10’s.

Dylan Ferrandis: I have no idea what to expect from the Frenchman.

Gannon Audette: Back on a privateer bike, Gannon won’t be fighting for podiums, but just outside the top 6 is reasonable.

Kyle Cunningham: I would rather see Kyle on a 450.

Tyler Spikman photo

Cameron McAdoo: I hear about Cameron’s crazy speed from Club MX training partners. Let’s see if he can make it work in the bigs.

Josh Cartwright: Josh is a busy guy as a full-time university student and pro racer. He’s a hard worker, and I’d like to see him get closer to the top 10.

Cole Thompson: Cole is our lone Canadian. He should be inside the top 10 with ease, and make us proud every weekend.

Here are my 250 East predictions for Minneapolis.

250 East

1st Adam Ciancirulo

2nd Joey Savatgy

3rd Christian Craig

4th Alex Martin

5th Zach Osborne

450 Class

In 450 action, the big questions are, can Marvin Musquin win again? Can Eli Tomac bounce back? Both are very possible, but I think Ryan Dungey and his winning ways will be back in his home state. He has been off a little, but Ryan’s “off” is still podium material. The guy is that good, and I’m sure he has busted his butt this week to solve any previous bike issues.

We have a few stars missing due to injury, Ken Roczen being the biggest. Also out hurt are Josh Grant. Weston Peick, and Justin Brayton. Justin Barcia will make his regular season debut on his new JGR Suzuki. Barcia will make it into the main with ease, but I don’t see him having a whole 20 minutes plus 1 lap in him yet. Here are my predictions for the 7th round of the season.

450 Class

1st Ryan Dungey

2nd Marvin Musquin

3rd Eli Tomac

4th Cole Seely

5th Jason Anderson
DMX Toronto Supercross Parties at The Houston Avenue Bar and Grill

With us now in the East, that means the one-and-only Canadian round is just around the corner. The Toronto SX takes place Saturday, March 4th at the Rogers Centre. But the real action starts Friday, March 3rd at Houston Avenue Bar and Grill on Yonge Street.

In past years, our Frid’Eh night pre-party has been a very enjoyable, low-key night. Well, not this year. We are in the works to bring in some great SX athletes for an autograph signing in addition to great food, drinks and fantastic company.

In addition, Team Canada Motocross Des Nations Team Manager, Kourtney Lloyd, will be making the trip to sell tickets and raise money for our 2017 team. Kourtney will be in the house both nights and “no” is not an option. If you’ve been paying attention to our social media, you will see that the boxes of “swag” have been rolling in at a great pace and you will, no doubt, not want to miss this event.

Both nights are open to everyone, and if you’re worried about not getting in, just head over as soon as the 450 main event checkered flag drops and there should be no issues at all. It honestly is a great time both nights and if you can, make it out and support Team Canada.

Team Canada manager, Kourtney Lloyd, will be on hand at the Toronto Supercross parties in support of the the 2017 effort. | Bigwave photo
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Postby BP113 » Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:28 pm


When all is said and done in Atlanta, the series heads north…. The Great White North. And that means you need to make your way to The Houston Avenue Bar and Grill on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto Friday night.

We have a great facility, great swag, great company and now we will have great riders there to sign autographs and take pictures. Co-organizers, Cade Clason and Alex Ray, have an amazing evening planned out for everyone. Wait a minute….these two may be able to run the Pulp MX show, but for these parties we have left it in the very capable hands of David Toye.

Once again, David has worked very hard to give party goers the best possible time. Be sure to bring some extra money to support Team Canada, as our leader, Kourtney Lloyd, will be in the house all weekend selling tickets.

Probably the most important thing, and I can’t stress this enough, is that the parties are open to everyone and if you don’t waste your time getting there after the race, you will have no problem getting in. Also, if you’re in town early, show Houston’s some love and grab some food there. You won’t be disappointed.
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