Crash Incident Reports - Local Motocross

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Crash Incident Reports - Local Motocross

Postby OldnBroken » Wed May 03, 2017 1:26 pm

So I have been devastated to hear of two serious spinal injuries in the past few weeks, one in Kamloops and one in Kelowna. I think in Supercross they have something called "Fall Cards" where they take note of the circumstances surrounding the crash or incident, and try to learn from them. I'm wondering if there is anything like this going on at the races? As an example, I recall years ago in Kelowna I crashed on a jump and knocked myself out. As I came to, there was another rider down, and I was told (I did not race and went home) that there were numerous crashes on this same jump including a spinal injury. As far as I could tell, this particular obstacle remained un-changed, and continued to be the centre of many crashes (way more than normal for one spot on a track). Is there any process in place to follow up on these incidents and learn from them?
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Re: Crash Incident Reports - Local Motocross

Postby ACE » Mon May 08, 2017 9:11 am

Not a bad idea to look into things, but you know what I've noticed in the almost 20 years of racing...the tracks are waay tame'er , the bikes have more power better brakes and 10x better suspension, and yet id say the injuries are worse. When I first got into mx it was just normal thing to just break a wrist arm or collar bone...hate to say it but when you'd see your compition with their arm in a sling you almost had a little grin on, because you knew they were ok and that you were going to get a few months riding time on them...but you knew your "turn" was coming eventually. But now it seems like riders are getting spinal injuries..puncturing lungs , breaking themselves to the point they lose feeling. I blame the speed, I find too many parents get their nose out of joint when little timmy cant do the jumps or gets hurt, complain, and then the track builders tame it all down, which then makes that section faster, high speed, so when you do go down you've got some momentum behind you...Just my thoughts but I don't think making our tracks lame is the answer. I think the important things for safety are the simple ones.. like: If the track is rutted to hell on jump faces....just give it a quick touch up ..takes 5 mins..we're not training for Hangtown here. WATERING...on race days...if the track needs a touch of water...give it a touch of water...delay a race for 2 mins, theres no need to try and cut corners by flooding the track during lunch break just so that it stays wet till end of day..because the first five motos basically have a mud bath survival with greasy jump faces.

Anyway this is just my rant for Monday,


By the way, the Kelowna track did a awesome job of the things listed above, never over watered and kept touching the track up throughout the day :!
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