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Re: MRC?

Postby ACE » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:55 pm

B.C is split pretty much north from south between future west(south) and the McQueen/MRC series
both have there good points, but for the most part I find the mrc so far to be a rip off. For a spring series race, wrist bands: FW-10$ Vs 15$ MRC-20$ camping: FW-10$ per night VS MRC 20$ per night
MRC is roughly 15$ more per class. plus they do a half day practice but still charge a full day fee.
future west license is $80 and you get a t-shirt...MRC is $140
also MRC is mandatory transponders.
This weekend at popkum is the most I've ever had to fork out to do a single day of racing.
It started with $140 to get into the grounds....(2 wrist bands plus 2 nights camping) Sunday at sign up..naturally I had to pay a day pass for a license but really $40? plus rent a transponder..oh and then 65$ per class! the fee doesn't go down for each additional class..I only signed up for one. I know a lot of people will say " hey motocross isn't a cheap sport to begin with" but these kind of fee's will kill the sport. I cant imagine having 2 kids racing multiple classes with these kind of fee's. To make matters worse, we were "privileged" with a 2 lap learn a national caliber track.

Future west in my opinion is a bit wet behind the ears and leans a bit on the side of "family fun" rather than hardcore racing but their pricing is more on par with what fee's should be.

and that's my rant.
hey guys big gulps huh......well c ya later
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Re: MRC?

Postby Bosscat » Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:28 am

Don't worry, the media will tell you the sport has been improved.

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