Looking for a new truck and I have questions!

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Looking for a new truck and I have questions!

Postby cdnrednk » Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:29 am

Hey guys. I'm about to be "posted" out to BC for approximately 4 months for training. I'll be coming home with some "extra" money and I plan on making this a very cheap time out west... Not sure how easy that will be concidering we like to have fun and BC is expensive, and how many free trips will i ever get out there?
Anyways, when I come back here to ON for my full time posting, I plan on buying a new truck since what I have now is on its way out.
First, whet I'm looking at is either a chev colorado/gmc canyon ext cab 3.5 with a 5 speed and 4x4, or a GM full size (1999 or newer) ext cab 4x4 with either the 4.8 or the 5.3 or a 2002 and newer dodge ram ext cab, not the largets cab with the 4.7. Is that a bit underpowered for the dodge? I wont' be pulling alot of weight, but there is a boat in the future, but probably somethign for hunting so nothing too large.
So I'm wondering on peoples opinions, I will not think of other brands or models, I just want to know from peoples personal experiences with these vehicles.
Also... what are the insurance rates like? I have a 94 ext cab sonoma 4.3 with the 5 speed 2wd and its about 140 a month. I'm 24 now, good record.
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Postby speed_demon9902 » Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:33 pm

If you're going fullsize, get a used diesel. You can tow whatever you want and get over 20 mpg on top of it! Brand doesn't matter, Dodge/Chev/Ford all make good diesels. A gasoline full size is KILLER on gas and it's not getting any cheaper.

I don't really know much about mid size trucks these days but my buddy has the 3.5 colorado and it is gutless and still gets bad mileage! It is pretty nice loking though. I have a 2003 Dakota 4x4 which is great in general(but still bad on gas) but if you're buying new I don't like the look of the new daks.

Don't know if this helped or if I'm just babbling. Hopefully both.

PS you might want to look south(US) for vehicles, they're about 30% cheaper!

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