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Postby dals3 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:00 pm

About 2 months ago, a friend of ours called us up to ask if we "wanted a couple of cats". Well, we have had quite a few mice around the woodshed, a few in the garage, under the deck and one in the house since we moved out to the country. I'm not down with traps, and it's not reasonable to "catch and release" the damned things...yes, don't laugh, I've done it quite a few times.

Anyway, these two cats showed up at our friend's new house in town, but they already had two cats and a dog. These two "new" cats started dropping mice, birds, etc at their patio door, but didn't want to have any contact or to go into the house - they were essentially wild.

To shorten the story, we took the cats. It was quite the ordeal to get them into a crate to transport them to my house, but we got it done.

We got the things home, put them on the deck, showed them some food/milk, etc (I've NEVER owned a cat. I didn't know what to do). So we let them chill for a while before letting them out. When Michelle went to open the door of the crate, the little buggers just bolted outta there, off the deck into the snow and ... ???

So we didn't see either of them (no tracks in the snow, nothing) for about 2 weeks. We were worried they'd been done in by something (coyotes, owls, ...). Well one day I went to feed our dogs and the littlest one was sitting on the crate lookin' at me through the window. Same deal a couple days later, so I tried to go out very slowly and quietly, but she took off again. Unfortunately, we haven't seen that one in about a month now - pretty sure something DID get her. She was tiny - only a couple of months old. :cry:

Now, onto Albert. The people we got him from named him. He started showing up on the crate/window a few weeks ago. I made some progress by only putting food out there for him when he was there. He wouldn't let us get anywhere near him for about another week, but now he's a total love monkey. He's there every morning to get a little food when we feed the dogs in the morning and at night. The rest of the time we see him cruising the grounds out back, in the wood shed, under the deck, etc.

He's come a long way. Funny little character. He's getting really brave with the two Great Danes we have, but they're super-gentle. They're interested in the cat for about 30 seconds, but when he won't play, they walk away.

Here he is:

Albert Cat




Sorry for the novel. I'm home sick as a dog today...bored on the couch.

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