cummins, powerstroke, duramelt, 6 l., ...

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cummins, powerstroke, duramelt, 6 l., ...

Postby brewrabb » Sun May 20, 2012 12:26 pm

Alright, given all factors which full size diesel truck would you buy and why? Also, who owns a diesel cherokee or liberty and how do you like them?
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Re: cummins, powerstroke, duramelt, 6 l., ...

Postby mxwilly » Mon May 21, 2012 5:25 am

I'm a Dodge guy, just how it is.

I bought a used 2002 2500 with the 5.9 cummins 2 years ago, it had 390 k km on it. I use it daily for work. It has been great. I just love it. It's got 440k km now on it. I tow a 20ft enclosed and a 14ft dump trailer with it. Truck runs amazing, not the most powerful, but I have had zero issues thus far. I always wanted a Cummins and this thing did not disappoint. It gets 13.9 ltr/100km regularily..... local trips and winter usually runs 17-18 ltrs/100 and towing the 20ft right around the 20ltr/100 mark. If it didn't have that many kms on it, I'd chance running something to boost the ponies a bit, but I'm so happy with it as is I don't want to mess with it!

We also have a 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD. What a wicked unit. It's a little small, but the CRD makes it so enjoyable. It averages 8-9ltr/100km on trips. It's my wife's daily driver. If we don't go bombing around on the weekends, or in the winter with letting it warm up, it averages 13 ltrs/100. We looked at Jeep Compass, but at the time I had a 5x10 enclosed trailer for moto. So when I saw that some of the Jeep CRDS were coming off lease we searched around until we found one. It had 65k on it, it now has 150k on it. We used the liberty to pull the 5x10 with no problems. Other than a few non motor related items (power window controller, a u-joint) the Libby has been fantastic! Having the CRD makes the girlly car more enjoyable to drive! HA!

When we have to replace the liberty, my first choice will be to find a Cherokee CRD. It's just that much bigger. Not that the libby is too small, but we can fill it no problems. I'm not sure if they still make the Cherokee with a CRD, but I hope they do. I love the new Grande C's look!!!
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Re: cummins, powerstroke, duramelt, 6 l., ...

Postby scott167 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:38 pm

if your looking at a diesel cummins is the way to go for sure. the duramax has really stepped up over the last few year though. like mx willy we have the 5.9 with about 200k and the thing runs like new. you wont be disappointed

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