In the market for a new BBQ!

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In the market for a new BBQ!

Postby mxwilly » Sat Mar 02, 2013 5:10 pm

Well fella's, who knows BBQ's better than motocrossers..... no one!

I'm looking to grab two new grills this year. Both propane. One small portable for the track and a nice home unit.

What do you guys use/recommend?

I've usually bought the 300-500 range home bbq... thinking to spend no more than 1000 this time. Like what Weber and Napolean offer, just wondering if there's another good grill out there in the group that's as good in the same range or less.

As for a portable. I'm done with the cheap tabletop. Like it, but there's some nice portable units now. Again, like what Weber and Napolean offer... anything else????

Thanks boys... comment and then get back to the moto! #brrrrraaaaaapppp :lol:
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